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Aeronautics Industry Packaging Solutions

The commercial airline market is facing new challenges and opportunities. New niche markets such as the eVTOLs (electrical vehicle take-off and landing vehicle) and UAM (urban air mobility) are getting the interest of many aircraft manufacturers and technology startups, changing the speed of development. At the same time, airlines are looking for fuel-efficient and fancy aircrafts in order to lower carbon emissions, and also to improve operational costs and overall passenger comfort.

The projects that we have developed in the aeronautics market are diverse. Besides packaging, we offer converting solutions for extremely lightweight materials, like resin-impregnated honeycomb, or high-strength composites like kevlar and carbon fibre. The elements that we supply pass through a complex quality approval process that always allows us to achieve end-to-end traceability. Packaging solutions include plywood, cardboard and foams, supplied mostly for low-volume – high-mix needs. Considering strict quality and requirements first, our team will enable the ideal equipment to provide the best value in terms of cost and logistics.

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