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Polyethylene Foam Packaging Inserts



Customer needs a fixing system to ensure protection and shock absorbance.


The chosen solution

We went for an engineered a packaging solution out of Synergy fine-cell PE foam with a density of 33 kg/m3 and a thickness of 50 mm;



  • Allows a fixed positioning of individual parts;
  • The material ensures strong cushioning even after repeated impacts;
  • Very good machining tolerances for high precision outline of parts;
  • More stacking space due to high carrying capacity of the foam layer which can be even thinner.
  • Fine-cell texture, comparable to cross-linked foam, but superior to standard expanded PE foam; 
  • Low abrasion for coated or polished surfaces;
  • Reusable system due to the low material compression creep;
  • 100% Recyclable material;
  • Black or white colors available depending on the product requirements;
foam fixing system
foam packaging inserts
polyethylene packaging foam
foam fixing system

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