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Electronics Industry Packaging Solutions

Technology advancements are changing people’s lives. This impacts multiple markets, from automotive to the aerospace, from medical to infrastructure, industrial components and more.

In order to solve the complex technological challenges, OEMs and innovative start-ups rely on EMS companies’ ability to integrate ground-breaking solutions and deliver reliable and user friendly devices.

Accomplishing this is far from simple and innovation is essential across the whole ecosystem. This drives an increasingly important role of innovative suppliers.

At Zaleco, we approach the electronics industry from a very large perspective. We optimize cost with
high-end technologies and creative design by leveraging our multi-material know-how. Not only that we bring our expertise from other relevant sectors, but we also discover unarticulated needs in order to improve the efficiency of packaging throughout the whole value chain, from space layout to delivery. We understand that reliability, functionality and cost efficiency are strategic goals for organizations, but our team also focus on other key differentiators such as environmental footprint, tailored logistics for improved inventory management, lean production practices, documentation, and minimum non-recurring expenditures.

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