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Protective ESD Foam Packaging for Electronics



Our partner needs an individual fixing solution to ensure protection against shock and vibration while also having ESD properties.


The chosen solution

We chose a convoluted PU foam with a density of 24 kg/m3 and a thickness of 30mm, to which we added ESD conductive type B cardboard sleeve. 



  • The product has full antistatic protection;
  • The product comes in contact only with the foam which cannot scratch or leave marks on it;
  • Easy packing without much handling from the operator;
  • Enhanced protection due to superior cushioning between the product and the box;
  • Minimal cost of die-cuts and jigs;
  • Possibility to scale the solution to different sizes;
  • The egg crate shaped foam gives product fixing and shock resistance;
  • Visually aesthetic;
  • Very nice unboxing experience; 
esd protective packaging
esd protective packaging
esd foam packaging
ESD protection cardboard PU foam

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