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Protective Foam Corner Packaging For Furniture



The request developed as a need to have a protection system against damage that can handle heavy items like furniture made from solid wood;


The chosen solution

We have chosen a composite of cardboard and EPE foam. Two exterior cardboard layers and expanded PE foam of 33 kg/m³ density and 50mm thickness as a middle layer;



  • Protection in critical areas like the inside corners of the box;
  • High shock absorbance;
  • Used in combination with “L” shape protective profiles, it can give complete cushion along the product edges;
  • Added protection due to better spacing between the product and the box walls / cardboard layers;
  • This solution can even fit low height rectangular products like boards and doors, as the protective corner offers a stable surface for stacking products;
  • The high density foam also offers protection for oversized and overweight products;
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