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Protective EPE Foam Packaging



Our customer wanted to reduce the packing time of jars while at the same time having a reliable solution with greater protection than bubble wrap.


The chosen solution

We proposed an EPE foam material, 24kg/m3 density and 60mm thickness, manufactured by die-cutting.



  • Superior protection due to distance between the product and the exterior packaging;
  • Easy to use Poka-yoke assembly system;
  • 0% return rate from product damage can be achieved; 
  • Can be used in a modular way for two or more products with the same material consumption;
  • Thermal insulation of the material gives increased stability during low and high temperature seasons;
  • Scalable solution for multiple sizes;
  • The material used is 100% recyclable;
  • Available colors in white, pink and black;
  • Thicknesses available between 10 – 100mm;
epe foam packaging
protective foam packaging
epe foam packaging

Used in the following industries:

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