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About us

Zaleco is an industrial service provider that delivers smart engineered packaging solutions for customers in markets such as:

Power Equipment
Food & Winery

Since 2011, our ambition has been to deliver the most optimized and customized packaging solutions, enabled by our engineering capabilities, customer-driven services and multi-material manufacturing.

Headquartered in Oradea, Romania, Zaleco is a company specialized in engineering customized packaging solutions that protect and promote our customers’ goods.

Our dedicated and diligent teams with a wealth of experience and expertise and used to short lead times create constantly value for our more than 250 customers. We strive for excellence in a sustainable way, delivering recyclable solutions that reduce waste to also protect our planet.

History and Achievements


Company Launch

We started our journey in 2011 by trading technical products and customized solutions for industrial customers.


New beginnings

We started trading packaging materials.


First Production Facility

We open our first production facility in Oradea, covering 150 sqm to convert foam and bubble wrap, also to maintain safety stocks to ensure just-in-time delivery. Our manufacturing capacity increases year-by-year.


First Customized Cardboard Box

The first customized cardboard box is engineered and created in-house. 2 tons of cardboard are supplied by year’s end. Today we supply double that amount in one day.


High-Quality Manufacturing Standards

We implement ISO 9001 and FSC, committing to high-quality manufacturing standards and sustainable sourcing of raw materials.


We Deliver EU Solutions

We started servicing international customers. Today we deliver solutions to five EU markets.


Brand, Trademark and Slogan

We give our brand a fresh look and trademark the slogan “Smart packaging engineering”, which becomes a business mantra for us.


Warehouse Coverage

We increase our manufacturing capacity and capabilities. Our warehouses and production facilities cover more than 2 900 sqm.


Expanding Production Capabilities

Together with both leading-edge automation and digital systems technologies implementation, our warehouses and production facilities increase to more than 7 600 sqm in 3 strategically based locations.


Increasing Partnerships

Our 140+ skilled and experienced dedicated team create constantly value for our more than 250 customers.

Vision, Mission, Values

Our ambition is to deliver the most optimized and competitive customized packaging engineering, customer-centric services and multi-material manufacturing.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with scalable and flexible solutions that will save time and money. We organize and integrate knowledge to reduce risk and waste. We inform customers on a variety of materials and options to co-create optimized and ready-to-use ergonomic packaging.

What matters most to us is to help and support each other in order to create synergy and harmony among the people in our team. We use a flat organizational structure and we create a safe space for direct communication. Individual achievements and abilities are recognized and publicly acknowledged in our team. We undertake difficult challenges by putting research and problem-solving at the core of our work. This leads to a continuous development of our skillset as a company. We work as a team, but we also encourage work independence and accountability.

Leading-Edge Technologies

In an era defined by technological innovation and market volatility, Zaleco face the imperative of staying ahead of the curve through both automation and digital systems.

Software solutions such as Asana – customized project management solutions, Acumatica ERP – tailored features for efficient business management and Tulip Manufacturing – a platform that seamlessly connects workers, machinery, and data can create synergies that lead to groundbreaking solutions.

As a company deeply invested in leading-edge technologies, machineries and equipment, we understand the significance of having a strategic partner that is not only competent but also equipped to tackle the complexities of the modern marketplace. Our recent investments (last generation of automatic cardboard profiling machine, rotary flexo die-cutting machine, automatic folder-gluer etc.) allow us to open doors for new opportunities.


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