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Automotive Industry Packaging Solutions

Sustainability, revolutionary technologies and the increase in consumer disposable income are some of the major factors driving growth in the automotive industry. Today’s demanding consumers are shaping the mobility of the future, while automakers are minimizing environmental damage, and also enhancing safety and comfort at a pace never seen before.

Accelerated innovation presents implementation challenges, and the whole upstream flow needs to adapt not only through continuous cost improvements, but also through elaborate planning and synchronization.

Packaging plays a key role in the highly competitive automotive market for achieving sustainability gains, cost targets, and also easing supply chain procedure. Our team focuses on these goals by understanding our customer`s value chain, as well as by giving options through a multi-material experience. This allows us to simulate solutions for space efficiency, standardization, process optimization, without the limitation of single-material packaging.

Due to our large and diversified inventory, we can be agile with prototyping, so that we can create multiple iterations before the launch of new projects, while having a manufacturing-centric approach.

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