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Furniture Industry Packaging Solutions

The evolving landscape of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, and also hospitality, is dominated by changes in the way we live, work and relax. Furniture plays an important role in creating a human-centric space. Some of the trends that dominate the furniture industry are sustainability, the use of mixed materials, multi-functional and modular design, where architects and designers conceptualize and create spaces to accommodate today’s high standards of living.

Our solutions for furniture design incorporate the latest technologies for stamping, die cutting, CNC machining and cutting, lamination, quick setup box-making, to handle all the packaging needs. We can also assist in the creative journey and development with accelerated feedback, through large and diverse stock and mix of materials. Some of the challenges that we face in developing packaging solutions for furniture include the use of sustainable materials, stacking, handling, optimising, standardising, overall aesthetics, and surface protection.

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