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Power Equipment & Technology Packaging Solutions

The power equipment market is facing increasing demand to develop sustainable energy systems and solutions. The energy use across the consumer and industrial markets is pushing companies to focus on green technologies, energy-saving solutions, and a steady and secure supply of electrical power.As economies develop, so does the energy consumption due to the scaled activities such as manufacturing, mobility and the provision of services.Renewable energy, battery applications in mobility and energy management are the main drivers for this market.

The wide variety of power equipment products require us to have a multi-material, standardization-driven approach, with a consistent focus on optimization, where design and custom engineering are core elements of our workflow. The delivered packaging solutions are for both high series such as components, electrical switches, smart metering technologies, and also for low volume production runs for large electrical equipment. More challenging packaging solutions are for non-standard, oversized and heavy-duty systems and it involves stacking large and heavy elements, wood closing and fixing of heavy duty equipment.

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