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Returnable Corrugated Plastic Containers



Customer needs a personalized reusable box with greater resistance than cardboard, optimized for his products.


The chosen solution

We engineered a packaging solution out of corrugated plastic with a weight of 700 gsm, 4mm thickness, that is profiled, die-cut, silk-screened and stapled.



  • The design of the box is tailored to the customer sizes;
  • The structure of the box was engineered based on the product that will be transported and stored (geometry, weight, number of units per batch);
  • Initial sizes were adapted for roll-conveyor belt sizes and storage locations;
  • Products can be stored and delivered in the same box between supplier and across the supply chain, even to the final customer;
  • Great protection during shipping due to the high resistance of the material;
  • Reusable box;
  • Great stackability due to the rigid corner profiles;  
  • Possibility to scale the solution to different sizes;
  • The materials can be ordered with ESD and UV resistant properties;
  • White, black and blue standard colors – custom colors also available;
  • Material thickness can be between 2mm – 12mm;
  • The material is 100% recyclable;
  • The inside can be laminated with other soft materials for additional surface protection; 
  • The printing is done by silk-screening technology;
corrugated plastic containers

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